Simple & Flat Icon Collection

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Now ver 1.1.0, 22 new icons have been added!
Please check the product images for details.


Simple & Flat Icon Collection" is a collection of about 350 icons that can be used for various purposes. The design is simple and elegant, and has been adjusted to be easily visible even when the background color and size are changed.

Once purchased, this product can be used for any number of projects and for any period of time, and you will receive subsequent updates free of charge. The price of the product will be changed along with the addition of icons, so please consider purchasing the product if you are interested.

  • Total number of icons: 359 (this number includes minor difference icons)
  • Resolution: 1000 x 1000px
  • File formats: png, ai, svg
  • Commercial use:Yes
  • Credit notation:Not required
  • Available products: Illustrations, videos, books, advertisements, websites, games, T-shirts, etc. (see Precautions for details)


If a separate license agreement exists for the store where the product was purchased, that will take precedence.

Otherwise, the following license types and precautions apply.

  • Standard License: This is a license to be purchased when the product is used by one person. The product contents and other requirements are the same as the Corporate License.
  • Corporate License: This license is purchased when the product is used by multiple users. The product contents and other requirements are the same as the Standard License.


This product may not be used for any of the following activities. If any of these activities are confirmed, the license may be revoked.

  • Use of the product in a manner that violates the requirements specified for each license.
  • Redistributing or reselling the data of this product, or any processed version of the data, as an asset.
  • Delivering only the data of the Product in the course of design or other work.
  • Use of the work or organization's logo or any other part of the work or organization's logo that is related to trademark registration
  • Use in works or activities that violate laws and regulations

In addition to the above, we reserve the right to refuse use in cases where we deem the use to be inappropriate. Please be aware of this beforehand.


About Editing Files

The supplied editable data is compiled in the "ai" folder in the product. The data before outline integration is stored in the "edit" layer of each .ai file.

Update History

  • ver1.1.1: Multiple licenses integrated, svg file optimization
  • ver1.1.0: 22 icons added
  • ver1.0.0: Product release
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Simple & Flat Icon Collection

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